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Human Storyteller is a Los Angeles based storytelling company managed by Leigh Fitzjames. I work with artists and small businesses who like having people in their life and need some help sharing their stories worldwide.

If you need publicity, marketing and comms or simply a beautiful video, I'm here to help. 

Please contact me for your storytelling needs.

Felix von Heland


"When we were just starting the company, Leigh came onboard and created the structure we needed to go from being a small dev team to having something we could boast with out towards the market. If you need help getting something cool to market or just improving your marketing processes you should hire her."

Liz Gaffer

Director of Marketing at Active Gloucestershire

"Leigh provided remote services in digital strategy, social media management & a range of age & ability groups including disabled people, elderly, & children &young people. Leigh brought technical expertise & was a great member of our team"

Larry Komrower

Program Manager at Global Experiences

"Leigh is an absolute joy to work with. Her positive energy, creativity, and close attention to detail have made her an extremely valuable asset to the team... She dived right into a challenging role, diligently following SOPs and guidance from me. Although we've never actually met in person, it feels as if we have due to the fact that her personality and her work ethic fit right into the Global Experiences culture".

12 years of global experience

Founded in 2011, Leigh Fitzjames founded Human Storyteller by supporting New Zealand companies in entertainment and health. A move to New York City set the scene for a life time of global exploration, picking up partnerships in the USA, Sweden, England, Thailand and India. With a love for learning, the Earth's the limit for relationship building. 

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